The Brian Scalabrine of Interns



To describe my Internship at RankLab in Santa Monica this summer, I am playing a real life role of Vince Vaughn from the movie “The Internship”, and yes, I have grabbed a couple cold ones with my boss. I truly am the Brian Scalabrine from the 08′ Celtics of this company. I am the 12th man on the bench that contributes in no sort of way during crunch time, but I bring great energy and support everyone with anything they need, yes including the ass slaps during time outs. You bet your ass if we won a championship and got a ring I would sport mine around like I was the Paul Pierce of that team.

I live for the occasional In n Out or Starbucks runs and getting to organize and stock the fridge with drinks. This company has never seen a competitor like me. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into those non work related tasks and that fridge. I see it as my time to shine to show these guys I am a valuable asset to this company. It’s like the Celtics being up 30 with a minute left and Brian putting his heart into that minute to get a couple buckets.

I’m going to continue to learn and better myself every day, but until then I will continue to keep my warm ups on, get nice and cozy on the end of the bench, and contribute however I can with coffee and compliments from the moment I walk in until a minute before I leave. That last minute I shine as I walk out of the office wishing each and every single person to have a great day to put them in a better mood then reflect on my great performance on my drive home.

(In reality I am gaining more and more experience here every day and really enjoying my time working in the Digital Marketing field. I am definitely going to make the most of it and may pursue a career in it, but that will come later in the future.)